WSEX from D- to F


Week after week keeps getting payment complaints of players belonging to WSEX sportsbook. This blacklisted company has been downgraded to F in the rating guide at SBR. As of January 11th, 2011 the company had a D- rating however, after realizing that all the victims of the disputes would never see their share of the money that is adding up to $825,744 in total, they got the F.

As players sign up with the company they are not given the details of how hard it is to request payments. Another horror story that players don´t know is that in 2010 some were able to get paid as the company used other players´ deposits. Stuck in a major banking crisis, WSEX cannot find the way to get back on its feet. WSEX has stopped any type of communication with as they know how bad the situation is and much rather not refer to it. It seems that the company is basically collecting deposits from customers but have no intention to pay them if they profit. 

They have managed to confuse their clients by telling them that there are delays due to the banking restrictions in the US or maybe even saying that they are having processor trouble. The excuses seem to get more creative day by day and they refuse to explain what really is happening. 

WSEX Sportsbook released this statement January 2012: "We acknowledge that in a previous conversation, either verbally or written, you were promised every effort to have your entire or part of your withdrawal shipped to you by ending of the year. While the lack of processing companies and US corresponding banks continue to be the dominant factors for our delayed processing, we will continue throughout the next few months to accomplish all the clients who were not addressed during the past couple of months. Every month commencing January 2012, a maximum value of checks as specified by our financial personnel, will be processed. Once a payment is completed for you, an email notification will be sent, allowing you sufficient time to make arrangements for the courier delivery. At this time, I wish to thank you for your continued correspondence and the patience you have extended throughout these challenging times. Our customer support will always be available to address any further queries. Again, I cannot apoloize enough for the continued delays and the grave inconvenience caused to you."


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