2010 World Cup Odds for Group B to Win


Odds to Win the World CupArgentina, Greece, Nigeria and South Korea are on the World Cup Betting Odds for the Group B.

Argentina: are certainly favourites to win the World Cup Brackets in their group, as they contain a host of world class talent from Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero to Javier Mascherano and Esteban Cambiasso.

Nigeria: The country’s football history has links with Britain. Nigeria played their first unofficial game in October 1949, while still a British colony. The team played games in England against various teams such as Dulwich Hamlet, Bishop Auckland and South Liverpool.

Greece: Greece was seeded in the first pot for the draw of the European qualification zone and their campaign began and ended with matches against Luxembourg.

South Korea: The Korean players demonstrated the potency of its attacking play, pinning the opponents in their own half, but failing to extend their lead.

Odds To Win Group B in the World Cup Soccer picks.

Argentina 1/2

Nigeria 4/1

Greece 11/2

South Korea 10/1

NBA Betting – Lakers Have Bitter Taste From 2008 In Their Mouths


NBA Finals Betting PicksWorld Cup betting players know that France would love a chance to avenge their controversial loss to Italy in the 2006 final in Germany, and the Los Angeles Lakers will have a chance to get their revenge on Boston for their loss in 2008.

Celtics Lakers Betting – Game 1: Thursday, June 3, 9:00 PM ET

The “Big Three” were on a mission in their first year together in 2008, as they were the only three Celtics to average more than 10 points in the six-game win over Los Angeles. Paul Pierce led the way with 21.8 points, while Ray Allen was next with 20.3 points, shooting 52.4% from three-point land. Kevin Garnett chipped in with 18.2 points and 13.0 rebounds, and he was the heart of a stifling defense that held the Lakers to 93.8 points on 44.1% from the field. Rajon Rondo steered the offense with 9.3 points and 6.7 assists, but he wasn’t nearly the impact player that he is right now. The Celtics also had James Posey as a veteran defender on the perimeter.

The Lakers were led by Kobe Bryant with 25.7 points, but he shot just 40.5% from the field, and 32.1% from beyond the arc. Pau Gasol was next with 14.7 points and 10.2 boards, but he wasn’t aggressive at the offensive end as Garnett bullied him in the post. Like a World Cup contest with a 5-0 scoreline, the humiliation came for the Lakers in the sixth game, where they were blown out by 39 points in Boston in one of the poorest performances of any team facing an elimination, and the Lakers won’t give up like that again. Like the Celtics had with Posey, the Lakers have Ron Artest to defend the best perimeter player on the other time, and unlike Posey who came off the bench, Artest is a starter who plays big minutes.

NBA Final betting have the Lakers as a -185 favorite to not only defend their NBA title, but avenge their loss to the Celtics two years ago. This is a different Los Angeles team than the one the Celtics faced in 2008, and they’re a tougher team after what they experienced in Boston in that Game 6 rout. They had to go through a lot to win the championship last year, and now they have the added motivation of revenge. No one expected the Celtics to get to this point after an inconsistent regular season, but we’re wondering how healthy Garnett is after it looked like he was struggling in the Celtics’ six-game win over Orlando in the Eastern Conference finals.

Online sports betting pick: Lakers -185

Top 3 NHL Playoff Disappointments for 2010


NHL OddsThe 2010 NHL betting in the playoffs is as interesting as the 2010 World Cup betting. The teams that are supposed to win cannot get the job done, and we are left wondering how some of the elite teams will figure into next year’s Stanley Cup betting. Let’s take a look at the three biggest disappointments for the 2010 NHL playoffs, and what these teams have to do to redeem themselves in 2010-2011.

Washington Capitals

As you bet on Blackhawks Flyers games in this year’s Stanley Cup finals, you have to wonder why the Washington Capitals are not there. The Capitals got side-tracked by a lot of things in the 2010 playoffs, but fixing their problems can be complicated.

One of the Capitals biggest assets is fiery forward Alex Ovechkin, and one of the Capitals biggest liabilities is fiery forward Alex Ovechkin. As it gets down to crunch time, the entire Capitals team is constantly looking to get Ovechkin the puck, or they stand around trying to see what Ovechkin will do next. Ovechkin is the polar opposite of a team player, and until he starts believing in the talent of his teammates the Capitals will be in trouble.

The other problem for the Capitals is in net. Jose Theodore is a good goalie, but if he was a playoff caliber goalie then the Canadiens may have kept him. Theodore was awful in the playoffs, and was pulled in lieu of Semyon Varlamov in game two of the first round. Varlamov got the team rolling in the playoffs, and then the Capitals just could not score on the Canadiens. In order for the Capitals to win in 2010-2011, Varlamov needs to be healthy all season long and be in the nets for the beginning of the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Penguins

How much longer are the Penguins going to cling to the illusion that Marc-Andre Fleury is a playoff goaltender? With a roster that includes players such as Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal, you would expect the Penguins to win their second Stanley Cup in two years. But when the team needed the goaltender to close the door, he could not.

All of the Crosby nay-sayers need to wake up and look at the games that were played between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Crosby had 19 points in the playoffs, better than a point a game, and did everything he could to push the team into the next round. The Penguins were undone by terrible goaltending, and until they fix that problem they will have trouble getting their championship back.

San Jose Sharks

What keeps happening to the Sharks in the playoffs after they consistently have one of the best regular season records in hockey? The problem for the Sharks is that they cannot score in the playoffs. When the crunch was on in the Western Conference finals against the Chicago Blackhawks, top San Jose guns Patrick Marleau and Dany Heatley were nowhere to be found. Joe Thornton was neutralized by being double-teamed wherever he was on the ice, and he was powerless to help the Sharks win.

Marleau’s contract is up this season and the Sharks would do well to let him go. The Sharks need to surround Joe Thornton with young talent that has size and speed just like Thornton has. Thornton does not have many years left, so if the Sharks want to win the Stanley Cup they need to make some changes and bring in some new offensively-capable players now.


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