Russell Athletic Bowl – 3 Best Storylines


By Jonny Doveless

1 – Teddy’s Last Dance’s sportsbook software makes it easier for you to bet, but you have to make the right bets in order to come out ahead. Teddy Bridgewater will have more eligibility left at the University of Louisville, but he’s almost certain to leave school and go to the 2014 NFL Draft. Bridgewater doesn’t seem to be making the wrong move if indeed he goes. He has the arm. He can make all the throws. His speed is above average though not tremendous. Reading defenses can be a bit of an issue, and it’s also true that this past season, he was not overwhelmingly brilliant against a lot of average defenses. Yet, in the NFL, with quality receivers and linemen on the field, Bridgewater should be able to thrive. If he’s surrounded with really good talent, there’s no reason to think he won’t make a very solid professional. He will continue to learn as he goes along, and he doesn’t have to stick around in Louisville for another season in order to develop as a quarterback. Should this be Bridgewater’s last game, it will obviously be an emotional moment for him and the Louisville program. More important is the idea that if this is Bridgewater’s last college game, it will be an important time for him to show off his talents to the NFL scouts that will either be watching the game in person or on television.

2 – Can Stephen Morris Outshine Bridgewater?

At, you become more knowledgeable as a betting player. NFL scouts want to become more knowledgeable about Stephen Morris, the quarterback who is going to oppose Teddy Bridgewater in this game. Morris has not been surrounded by elite talent in his years at Miami, since the Hurricanes have not recruited nearly as well as they once did. Miami has been dogged by NCAA sanctions and has been forced to self-impose a few bowl bans in recent years, depriving the Hurricanes of chances to play in bowl games. Morris has really missed out on a number of opportunities in his collegiate career, so this is one of the bigger stages he will have to prove that he’s NFL-ready. Going up against Bridgewater will only up the ante for Morris and a Miami team that is finally back in the bowl season spotlight. If Morris matches Bridgewater, this game could be wildly entertaining and captivating.

3 –Miami Faces An Important Moment

This is a significant game for Louisville, since the Cardinals missed out on a BCS bowl with an 11-1  record and want to be able to beat a team from a state (Florida) in which Charlie Strong, the Cardinals’ head coach, has recruited a great deal. Yet, while Louisville is intent on winning, Miami has been barred from the postseason in recent years. This is definitely a place for the Hurricanes to make a statement to a national audience about how far they’ve come under head coach Al Golden.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl – 3 Best Storylines


By Steve Millburne

The best sports online betting advice one can give with respect to the 2013 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is to expect the unexpected. That might be a cliché, but clichés are clichés because they are true. This is a most unusual matchup for a number of evident reasons.

1 – Buffalo In A Bowl Game – How Will The Bulls Respond To Pressure?

When consulting a college football betting outlet, you want to get the kind of input that will enable you to win. You can then see their sportsbook at and be prepared to do business. In this game, the foremost question is how Buffalo will handle the pressure of playing in a bowl game. The Bulls are playing in just their second bowl game in program history. They lost their one previous appearance at the end of the 2008 season to Connecticut. This is just not a regular part of Buffalo’s normal in-season rhythms. The Bulls are not used to December practices and the bowl game that comes after them. If any of these players had been around in the 2008 season, one might be able to say that the Bulls would be in position to have a normal build-up to this bowl, but that’s just not the case. San Diego State is the team that’s used to playing in bowl games, and that is something that could certainly matter when this game runs its course. The Aztecs are not one of the elite teams in the Mountain West Conference, but they’ve had plenty of experience making bowl games in recent years under former coach Brady Hoke and current coach Rocky Long.

2 – Khalil Mack On The Attack

When this game begins, Buffalo will have the best NFL prospect on the field, linebacker Khalil Mack. With over 90 tackles and 10 sacks this season, Mack has been one of the most disruptive forces in all of college football, a defensive dynamo who also causes a lot of fumbles and has a nose for the ball. San Diego State’s offensive linemen and blocking running backs have to know where Mack is at all times. Yet, that attention to Mack cannot allow San Diego State to lose track of other Buffalo defenders. San Diego State offensive coordinator Bob Toledo has to spend the next two weeks finding ways to neutralize Mack while providing a blocking and protection scheme that will keep other Bulls at bay.

3 – San Diego State’s Erratic Identity: Which Aztecs Will Show Up?

This is a game that will be so hard to predict chiefly because San Diego State is such an up-and-down team. The Aztecs looked great against Fresno State and good against Boise State, but were awful against Eastern Illinois and UNLV and shaky against a number of other opponents. It is so hard to gauge the Aztecs. Will they relish the chance to play in a bowl game, or will they be turned off by the idea of having to leave sunny Southern California for Boise just before Christmas?

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The Top Contenders For the 2013-14 NHL Jack Adams Award


The people who do the online betting at love to bet on the Jack Adams Award each NHL season because you never know who will win it. This is easily the most unpredictable NHL award and every year there is always controversy about the winner. Last season the Jack Adams Award went to Paul MacLean of the Ottawa Senators and gasps of horror could be heard as far away as Montreal. This season, MacLean is probably not in the running as his team is mediocre at best. But there are plenty of other candidates who should win this award.

Bruce Boudreau – Anaheim Ducks

Two seasons ago, Bruce Boudreau was fired by the Washington Capitals and then hired by the Anaheim Ducks in the same week. The people who use the page questioned the move because Washington was considered a talented team that could not win games under Boudreau. The first two seasons of Boudreau’s time in Anaheim were rough, but he has turned things around and this season is a masterpiece. Boudreau is using his players to perfection and is putting together one of the best regular season campaigns that the Ducks have seen in ages.

Patrick Roy – Colorado Avalanche

Seriously, is there anything in the NHL that this guy cannot do? The Colorado Avalanche were horrendous for years. Patrick Roy shows up and the team is one of the best in the Western Conference. As one would expect, Roy is having a positive effect on struggling goaltender Semyon Varlamov. But it is the manner in which Roy is elevating the level of play in the rest of his players that is extremely impressive.

Joel Quenneville – Chicago Blackhawks

How much more does Joel Quenneville have to do in Chicago to be recognized as the best coach in the NHL? This is the third consecutive season where his Blackhawks have been one of the top two teams in the NHL and the guy has already won two Stanley Cups with the Blackhawks. Playoff results do not count in the Jack Adams Award voting I know, but this guy has been so consistently good for so consistently long that it is about time the league put an award on a performance like that and called it the master work that it really is.

Ken Hitchcock – St. Louis Blues

Ken Hitchcock won the Adams Award two seasons ago for turning the St. Louis Blues organization completely around and making it into a winner. But now that he has been able to sustain that success for the last two seasons, it is time to reward Hitchcock again for bringing the St. Louis franchise back into the psyche of NHL fans as being a championship team. It has been so long since St. Louis has been identified as a winner that the guy who has orchestrated the turnaround certainly deserves to be recognized for his work one more time.

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