Should The NFL Get Rid Of The Preseason And Extend Training Camps?


NFL PredictionsEver since the NFL betting lines season for 2011 opened a couple of weeks ago, players both first string and backup have been dropping like flies due to injuries sustained during preseason games. As a result of a shorter training camp, players have had less time to prepare both physically and mentally for preseason sports betting games. With an increase in injury this preseason, fans and experts alike are wondering, should the NFL get rid of the preseason all together?

From the beginning of March to roughly the middle of July, the NFL and the NFLPA were entrenched in a heated labor dispute and consequential lockout. Since the dispute took four months to resolve, players were unable to properly train this offseason, for the upcoming season. For the reason that offseason training may be just as if not more important than regular season conditioning, more players reported to training camp out of shape then in years past.

What’s worse? In order to make the most money possible, the NFL was not willing to adjust the preseason schedule or cancel it all together, so that training camps could be extended. This being the case, not only were players more vulnerable, but teams were also less prepared for games.

There are many arguments both good and bad for keeping or getting rid of the preseason. On the one hand, most casual fans want the preseason to remain so that they can have an early glimpse at their favorite players. Players and coaches want preseason to remain because they can practice what they learned in training camp against real opponents.

On the other hand, people against preseason have a few arguments to get rid of it as well. For instance, by getting rid of preseason and extending training camp, teams from around the league, especially the bad ones, can practice every play both on offense and defense until it is fully engrained in their brains. Another argument against preseason is that the preseason schedule is too long. Meaning to say, a shorter preseason could also allow the regular season to start sooner.

Ultimately, there is no worse feeling for a team and its fan base, then to know that your favorite star was given the smack down by another team’s fourth stringer in a game that didn’t count for anything. By getting rid of preseason and extending training camps, the players and coaches will have enough time to fully educate themselves on any new systems, and training programs.

The only people that have a vested interest in preseason, is the NFL administration and the 32 owners, who want the extra revenue. As we mentioned earlier, fans can wait for football as long as their favorite players are healthy for week one of the regular season.

NFL Preseason Week 3 Betting: Carolina Panthers vs. Cincinnati Bengals


NFL PicksOnline Betting Overview

The third week of the preseason in the NFL is the most important week for the starters. Teams have made their decision on who will start the regular season opener, and that is who winds up playing the majority of the third preseason game. The fourth preseason game is used to find special teams players and third-stringers to fill out the roster. But the rookies that have been fighting for a spot during training camp and in the first two preseason games will find out if they made the cut or not when the starters for this first preseason game are announced.

The highest profile position on any football team is the quarterback, and there have been several rookies trying to find their way into starting positions on NFL rosters this season. Even though some rookie quarterbacks have shown some promise, it is unlikely that the NFL betting lines for opening day will feature a prominent rookie under center. This game features two rookie quarterbacks that are trying to be the starter in their first year in the league. Fans will be watching to see who starts at quarterback for these two teams and if the rookies have made the grade.

Carolina Panthers

First pick overall in the 2011 draft Cam Newton got his chance to start an NFL preseason game when the Panthers played week two against the Miami Dolphins. Newton was indecisive, inaccurate and unable to move the Panthers’ offense. But no one on the Panthers offense could get anything done. Second-year quarterback Jimmy Clausen threw for 69 yard in the second half. The Carolina running game combined for only 68 yards, and Newton accounted for 10 of those. Newton was a huge factor in NCAA football betting, but he may have to wait a few weeks to get his chance to start a regular season game in the NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals

The New York Jets looked great in their week two preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals, on the other hand, did not look so good. Even if fans do not feel that rookie Andy Dalton is not ready to start in the NFL, the Bengals may have no choice but to go with him. Bruce Gradkowski and Dan LeFevour could get absolutely nothing going at quarterback either. When you consider that the Bengals were only able to get 50 total rushing yards in the entire game, it may start to sink in that the problem in Cincinnati is the offensive line. Dalton may get the starting job because he is the best of a mediocre group of players, and that does not mean that Andy Dalton will be able to win games in Cincinnati.

The Bottom Line

Week three preseason NFL picks are as close to regular season betting as the preseason has to offer. Cincinnati fans will be watching to see how Andy Dalton performs against the Carolina defense, while Carolina fans will be watching to see who will be the Panthers’ starting quarterback in September.

BSNblog Pick: Carolina Panthers

Bears vs. Giants Can Eli Manning Prove He Is An Elite Quarterback?


NFL OddsTonight’s sports betting Chicago Bears verses New York Giants football game marks the resumption of the heated rivalry between two of the NFC’s most historic games. In 2010, the Chicago Bears offensive line hardly provided any protection for NFL betting lines quarterback Jay Cutler, against the New York Giants. On the other hand, this game will feature Giants quarterback Eli Manning, who claims that he is as good as 2010 MVP Tom Brady. Here is a preview of the game and the indications it holds in store.

Starting tonight, the New York Giants will be looking to show fans and critics from across the league alike, that they are the real deal. Entering this evening’s matchup with the Chicago Bears, the New York Giants have revenge on the mind, as the Bears were the team last year that essentially disqualified New York from NFL playoffs contention. This game also has huge indications for both teams internally, as the backup quarterback positions on both sides are wide open.

With a shortened preseason, the Chicago Bears and in particular offensive coordinator Mike Martz will be in tough to improve the offensive line. For those unfamiliar, the 2010 New York Giants defense laid the smack down on the Bears offensive line on several occasions. What’s more, despite making it to the NFC Championship, the Bears led the NFL last year in giving up the most sacks. Meaning to say, while preseason is about getting patterns and timing down, it is also a time for improvement.

As it stands right now, the current plan for both Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith and Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin is to give their starters 20 – 30 snaps before letting the backups take over. The 30 snaps per team, should give fans and experts alike a good indication, of how each team may fair this season. For both Eli Manning and Jay Cutler, the snaps in week two of the preseason, should be able to form an early indication of whether or not both pivots will be good this season.

Just as we previously stated, Manning wants to be considered amongst the elite this season. On the contrary, after injuring his knee in the NFC Championship game and being ridiculed by his peers, Cutler just wants to show that he can continue to grow as a quarterback.

Also, this game will be a battle of the backup quarterbacks, as after Manning and Cutler, the depth charts at the pivot position for both New York and Chicago, appear to be rather thin. In New York, there is a three way battle for the second string position, between former Houston Texans duo David Carr and Sage Rosenfels. Meanwhile, in Chicago, last year’s near NFC Championship hero Caleb Hanie and 2011 fifth rounder Nathan Enderle will be competing for the right to be Jay Culter’s backup in 2011 – 12 seasons. The Giants are a four and a half point favorite as the bookies do not have faith in the Bears offensive line.


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