Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Carolina Hurricanes: Saturday February 23, 2013


The Unibet sports betting experts would like to act surprised that the Carolina Hurricanes and the Tampa Bay Lightning are the two best teams in the Southeast Division, but it really is not that big of a surprise. 

The Winnipeg Jets are still a young team trying to find their game, the Washington Capitals allowed Alexander Semin to go to a free agency and the Florida Panthers was a complete mirage last season. The result is that the two worst teams in the division last season have climbed to the top this year and are challenging for top spots in the competition.

The best online betting sites saw very few changes to the Tampa Bay Lightning and even fewer changes to the Carolina Hurricanes. The major change in Tampa is the emergency of the goaltender Anders Lindback. Aside from that, the Tampa Bay Lightning is pretty much the same team it was last season. In Carolina, goaltender Cam Ward is playing much better than he did last season and that could be the biggest thing that has propelled this team to the top of the standings. As these two rivals get ready to face off, first place for the Southeast Division is on the line.

Tampa Bay Lightning
Although Lindback has been playing well, the team are still allowing a relatively large amount of goals against themselves. The thing that the Tampa Bay Lightning have going for themselves is that they can score goals better than any team in the league. The bookie software has Tampa's 55 goals as the highest total in the league and a torrid pace by any gauge. Tampa can win this game if they are able to turn it into a shootout and force the Carolina Hurricanes to play a wide-open style that they are not very good at.

Carolina Hurricanes
A Sports book review of the Hurricanes this season shows that the team is winning a lot of close games thanks to its ability to score goals at key moments and the play of Cam Ward. The problem for Carolina is that it is not equipped to play a skating game, which is exactly what Tampa Bay likes to play. The Hurricanes will work to slow this game down and keep the Lightning as much in check as possible. Carolina will be unable to chase Tampa around the rink and win this game at the same time.

The Bottom Line
The Tampa Bay Lightning love to play a fast-paced game, which is why a good goaltender is essential to the team’s success. The Hurricanes get close to its opponent and try to keep the top scorers in check. The Lightning will look to break away from the close checking of the Hurricanes in this game and start putting pucks in the net.

My Pick: Tampa Bay Lightning


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