Bet770 is set to Improve its Rating


There has been an update regarding a Bet770 payment complain that was submitted by a player back on March 15th. had reported on the claims that the player had made relating a payout of £838 that he had requested back in April. According to the player, his funds were never received. New updates indicate that the player was finally paid after SportsBookReview did a follow up with the company. 

It was on March 15th that Sportsbook Review contacted Bet770 support. It was after this that they quickly got a response from an account manager from the company who explained and re-assured them that the customer in question had been paid. Although he was unable to give the specifics on why the company took so long to make the payment, he did confirm that the dispute had been settled. 

Bet770 is known to be very prompt and serious when it comes to addressing and fixing disputes presented by its customers and more so if the problem was surfaced through SportsBookReview. Perhaps for this reason the company´s rating upgraded to a C-. No company will want to have its reputation touched by an authority such as SportsBookReview that will bring every payment debate to light.

SBG has two complains less on their book!


One of SBRs blacklisted fellows is back on the headlines regarding payments being held, slowed down or denied. SBG Global, rated D- by SBR, has come forward about two payment complains. On the first one, a customer stated that he requested a payout for $5000. 

This request was done on March 23rd. Then a very similar case occurred on April 3rd when another client also requested to get paid $5000 and was also stalled about his payment. According to the follow-up done by SBR, both of these customers have been played. 

SBG Global has been known to call itself the World´s Most Respected Sportsbook, Online Casino and Horses. However many bettors that have experiences payment issues at SBG Global and those who have seen the reports on SBG do not believe it is that much of a respectable place to bet at. Others have been with SBG for many years now and state that they have never had issues in regards to payments and bets. SBG is considered one of the oldest sportsbook around however, with time, there have been countless complains on how SBG implements and procedures and ofcourse on payments and that is exactly why it is still holding on to that D- rate by SBR.

Bet33 vs. what is REALLY Fair


“After logging in to my account one day there was a note that said all past post WINNING plays will be deleted. Our account was debited $1,899. They deleted the WINNING plays but not the LOSING plays!! “ 

This is one of the many claims that SBR has been studying over the last few days. This frustrated bettor has no words to describe how cheated he feels after Bet 33, rated with a C- by SBR, allegedly deducted $1899 from his account balance. 

The player claims that after logging into his account, he found a note saying that all past-posted winning plays would be deleted. One would think that when they say “ALL” they really mean ALL plays, considering winning and losing plays. However as he took a deeper look at his past action he realized that they ONLY deleted past posted WINNING plays and left the LOSING plays valid to hurt the customer. This sent the customer, who immediately wrote to SBR, on a rampage. 
There is no expressed acknowledgement from the customer that he intentionally past-posted the bets, however he does that if that was the case, that the clerk over the phone should have said something to stop him from placing the wager. In the note sent to SBR, the customer explains his disconformities by saying ”Very scumbag-like thing to do and I am at a loss for words”. Towards the end he even refers to Bet33 as thieves!

SBR will do the follow up on this Bet33 sportsbook complaint and will keep us updated with the outcome of this particular case.


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