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Online gaming covers a huge array of games you can play online – which makes it an exciting and daunting prospect. With so much choice, it almost becomes impossible knowing where to start. Which are the best games to play? What about security issues? Do you have to pay to play or can you get your gaming kicks for free?

So welcome to your first steps towards online gaming. There’s a huge variety of online games out there – it’s all about finding the right style for you, and the best places to play.

Let’s start with the real basics, and give you a quick run through of the main types of online games you can encounter:

Massively Multiplayer and Roleplaying Games
Often considered the domain of real internet gamers, Massively Multiplayer games (also known as MMPORGs) are absorbing, immersive games that invite you to role-play as a character in an imaginary, online world. World of Warcraft is perhaps the best known, but it’s not always dungeons and dragons.

Strategy and Team Games
Be it sport style games or controlling your own empire, the main difference with online strategy games is that you generally control more than one avatar, giving you more options for playing. Think of Sim City or even Farmville and you can see the variation you can get with strategy-based games. With sport style games, it’s all about winning, whether you choose to compete on the track or on the field.

Hidden Object Games
Remember the fun you used to have playing I-Spy on long car journeys? Well, Hidden Object games are almost like a pimped up version you can play online. Often featuring great themes and some interesting sub plots and riddles to solve, hidden object games are increasing in popularity, sharpening your mind as well as providing entertainment. 

Casual Graphic Games
Be it match up games, simple tile pattern games or puzzles, casual games are one of the fastest growing sections of online gaming world, responsible for getting people of all ages. Think of Bejewelled Blitz and you get the idea – simple, easy to play, hard to complete and therefore guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. To play, all you need is your web browser and a few plug ins (ideally Java and Flash) that will show the graphics. Often you can play these for free – although they will come with advertising. Paying to download will result in better graphics as well as rid you of those ads.

Gaming and Gambling
An interesting area of growth is amongst poker sites, casinos and online bingo style games, particularly with women. Instant wins, slot style games – there’s a fine line between gaming and gambling, and it’s a line that is often blurred as well. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but often these sites come with the same social features you’d expect from other gaming communities.

Paying to play?
There are plenty of free online games out there and there is no reason you have to pay. Sometimes you may have to stump up cash for subscription games, sometimes you won’t. But don’t feel pressured to pay – there are stlll plenty of free resources, including social network based versions of the game.

Don’t forget though that you will be compromising a little on your experience – be it through advertising during your games, or potentially swapping your email address for gameplay. In this case, try setting up a separate web account, so you can keep on top of any spam that may come your way.

Security Issues
Make sure you stay safe online. Be sure to check the security of sites – particularly if they are asking for payment details or personal details. And be sure to stay on top of your spam – avoid signing up to too many extra offers and your inbox will thank you later.

Where should I look for games?
Normally, it’s a great idea to start out with the big name games. You’ll find plenty of gaming portals that will review the best timewasting treats in all shapes and sizes, or try hitting up web forums for the inside scoop. You won’t have too much trouble finding a game – it’s more about whether you want to play it!
A few top tips when playing
  • If there’s chat involved, remember to keep it nice. Online communities can sometimes bring out the worst in certain people – rise above it, and you’ll enjoy the experience a lot more.

    • Teamwork is always important if you are working with others online. Stick it out when things get a little tough and you’ll find yourself
      • To cheat or not to cheat?! Well, if you need to win that badly, you’ll find plenty of online gaming cheat websites to help you get ahead. But a cheated win will never feel as good as the real thing. 
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FedEx St. Jude Classic Golf Tournament 2012


The first time the FedEx St. Jude Classic golf tournament debuted was back in the May of 1958, and back than the tournament was called the Memphis Open. Throughout the years the tournament has had a wide array of titles, including; the Danny Thomas Memphis classic in 1970, than in 2007 when Stanford Financial group took over the sponsorship role, changed the name of the tournament to Stanford St. Jude Championship. 

Than in 2009 dropped the Stanford and became just the St. Jude Classic and last year earned its latest title as the FedEx St. Jude Classic when FedEx emerged as the latest sponsor. This year in 2012, the total purse for the tournament was $5,600,000 with $1,008,000.00 going to the overall winner; a huge jump from a seemingly petty $500,000.00 from just two decades previous.

The winner this year for the 2012 FedEx St. Jude Classic is Dustin Johnson. Dustin gets a huge victory on his way to the top of the PGA standings after his short 2 week return from injury. Johnson won the tournament that was held in Memphis, Tennessee in dramatic fashion at 62 strokes, barley holding on to victory by a one stroke margin, narrowly ahead of John Merrick.

"Well, it feels really good, especially having so much time off," Johnson said.
The St. Jude Classic champion pulled a muscle in his lower back early march when enjoying time at home. Using lots of rest for his healing remedy, Johnson finally returned just last week at the Memorial Day Tournament, which was won by Tiger Woods, when Dustin finished in 19th place.

In the final round of the tournament, when Dustin Johnson was teeing off in the morning, he started his day off two strokes back from the lead. Throughout the day Johnson kept himself in contention of the lead. Late in the day on hole 16 and 17 Dustin sunk two birdies back to back launching him ahead of the completion and sole leader of the tournament.

"And you know, I did that," Johnson later said. "I had a lot of looks, lot of good looks and made a few putts coming down the stretch. Made great birdies at 16 and 17."

After the victory in Memphis Johnson now ranks 18th in the standings from the huge 500 point boost. Even though Dustin sunk two huge birdies in the two holes previous to the 18th, he was still being trailed, seperating himself with a single stroke, by a few of the best golfers in the world; Rory Mcllroy, Chad Campbell and Nick O’Hem. All three of those players striped their tee shots right to the rattle snake in the lake, eliminating them from having a shot of being crowned winner.

With Rory Mcllroy’s latest finish at the FedEx St. Jude Classic, he has lost his shot at number one on the FedEx Cup leaderboard. Now the question is will Rory still play with the same fire we are so used to seeing him play, will he still be as hungry for another win to join his win he earned previously in the year? Only time will tell if this loss is a season ending blow to Rory for the season.

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