NBA Betting: The Weekend After Christmas Takes On New Drama


The sportsbook experts found the results in the Christmas Day games to be very interesting. The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Miami Heat in a rematch of last year’s finals, but some people are not putting a lot of stock in that loss. The best online betting sites are saying that the average fan does not understand the adjustments players go through for Christmas Day games. The fact that the Thunder was the visiting team made things a lot worse for the team.

But there were some games that had interesting results which could not be explained away by Christmas Day blues. The Brooklyn Nets were beaten badly by a Boston Celtics team that has been struggling as of late. The Lakers beat the Knicks in New York and the Houston Rockets destroyed the Chicago Bulls. All of those games make the weekend games much more interesting.

Saturday – Boston Celtics @ Golden State Warriors

The one thing the price per head bookie experts were impressed with about the Celtics on Christmas Day was the ferocious brand of defense Boston played throughout the game. The Celtics is hoping that the win on Christmas Day can be a stepping stone to finally making a small move in the Eastern Conference standings. But the Warriors play an excellent outside shooting game that is going to give the Celtics all kinds of problems all night long.

Pick: Golden State Warriors

Saturday – Washington Wizards @ Chicago Bulls

The 120-97 score the Bulls suffered at the hands of the Houston Rockets on Christmas Day tells only part of the story. The sportsbook review experts keep hearing about the return of Derrick Rose as though it were something that could happen at any moment. The psyche of the entire team is fragile from the emotional roller coaster ride that Rose has put it through and the pressure of winning without its superstar. The Washington Wizards is just what the Bulls need to pull itself out of its funk.

Pick: Chicago Bulls

Saturday – Cleveland Cavaliers @ Brooklyn Nets

The last time these two teams met, the Nets won 114-101. But the fact that the Cavaliers was able to put down 101 points offers a lot of promise for Cleveland heading into this game. For Brooklyn, the honeymoon is definitely wearing off and the team’s old problems are starting to come back. The Nets is having a hard time playing defense and cannot create offensive pressure late in a game. That will make this game close, but Brooklyn should come away with the win in this game.

Pick: Brooklyn Nets

Sunday – San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks


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