NBA Trade Deadline What Will Happen In The Next 24 Hours?


Gambling AdvisorWith the NBA trade deadline all but over, fans, media and handicappers alike are wondering if any of the powerhouses will make a move before the three PM deadline tomorrow afternoon. Last night, the Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors pulled off a mammoth deal, as the two sides exchanged five players total, with Andrew Bogut going to Golden State and Monta Ellis to Milwaukee. As the regular sports betting NBA season comes to an end, everyone is wondering if this will be the only mega trade of the season. Here is a look at what we expect to happen in the next 24 hours.

Despite sitting first in the Eastern Conference and third in the Western Conference, it seems like only a matter of time, before the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers pull off a trade. The Bulls appear to be curious about Pau Gasol, after star center Joakim Noah went down to another injury. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Lakers are in desperate need for a point guard, as Derek Fisher is set to retire. For all intents and purposes, March Madness betting picks enthusiasts would be insane to believe that Pau Gasol alone would be enough to bring Derrick Rose to Los Angeles. Meaning to say, in our opinion, if the Bulls want Gasol and the Lakers want a point guard, a third team will have to be involved in the negotiations.

As we have seen historically, the NBA isn’t only about pulling off monster trades, but also trades involving three to four teams at once. In other words, bookie software agents are predicting, that if a deal between the two powerhouse teams gets done, a third or even fourth team may also have to join the mix. What we could see happening, is Gasol going to Chicago, Toronto sending Jose Calderon to the Lakers, and then both the Lakers and Bulls giving up their first round draft picks to the Raptors. If that were to happen, all three teams would win, as Chicago receives a strong presence in the post, the Lakers receive a new court general, and the Raptors have three draft picks in one of the strongest drafts in the last decade.

Another interesting name on the block is Dwight Howard. Arguably the best center in the NBA right now, Howard’s demands out of Orlando have been well documented throughout the season. In theory, a team desperate enough for a center, could come calling the Magic to offer up a king’s ransom for Howard. Or, Howard could be forced to stand pat in Orlando and wait until the offseason. Theoretically, there isn’t really a reason for Howard to leave besides wanting a big contract. After all, the Magic sits comfortably in the Eastern Conference, and should be able to make it to the second round. If the Magic can exceed expectations, look for Howard to resign.

NHL Game Preview for Saturday March 17, 2012: St. Louis Blues @ Tampa Bay Lightning


Hockey Betting NewsSports Betting Overview

What a difference a year and a new coach can make to an NHL team. The St. Louis Blues hired head coach Ken Hitchcock as the regular season was getting underway and now St. Louis is the best team in the NHL. As the Blues run away with the President’s Trophy, the fans are wondering if St. Louis will be able to hold up in the playoffs. The Blues ended last week 9-1-0 in the previous 10 games and riding a five-game winning streak. But the Blues are 16-14-3 on the road, and that may be the team’s Achilles’ heel. As the 2012 March Madness betting gets underway, the Blues are hoping to improve its road record to try and gain more confidence entering the playoffs.

The Tampa Bay Lightning was giving all of the price per head sports experts the impression that they could be the team to climb the Eastern Conference standings and grab the eighth and final playoff spot or even possibly win the Southeast Division. But when the Lightning stumbled, the Florida Panthers and Washington Capitals took off and are now leaving the Lightning behind. With less than 15 games left to play, the Lightning are rapidly reaching the point where making the playoffs would no longer be in their scope. But Tampa does play well at home, and that could help the Lightning in this game.

St. Louis Blues

Ken Hitchcock has everything from his offense to his goaltenders playing well. The Blues are the only team in the league that has two goaltenders with 20 or more wins each this season. But a sportsbook review of the Blues’ season shows that weakness on the road. While most teams would kill to have a 16-14-3 road record, it is a definite contrast to St. Louis’ 29-4-4 home record. St. Louis has been in playoff mode for some time now and it will want to focus on establishing some confidence on the road as the playoffs approach.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning was looking like the team to beat for that last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference for a while. But Tampa’s goaltending has not held up and the team has not been able to come through in key games. A 20-11-2 home record shows that the Lightning do know how to win at home, but the 2012 NBA trade deadline is generating more headlines in Florida than the Lightning. The Lightning is getting old and it is time for the team to make some roster changes. When this season is over, look for their to be major changes in Tampa Bay.

The Bottom Line

As good as the Lightning has been at home, it is hard to believe that Tampa Bay will be able to stop the rolling St. Louis Blues. This could be a very long night for the fans in Tampa Bay who are already looking forward to next betting season.

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