NFL Pro Bowl Preview: Some Interesting Matchups to Watch


NFL Pro Bowl OddsNot even the best online sportsbook makers are going to give much of an NFL betting line on this year’s Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl is more for people who enjoy watching certain kinds of match-ups in football than for the people who watch the Super Bowl betting lines closely. This game features some interesting match-ups, especially defensive backs versus wide receivers. The price per head betting experts may not put a lot of stock into the Pro Bowl, but there are a few match-ups that football fans will find exciting as the game plays out.

AFC Quarterbacks Versus NFC Secondary

Tom Brady (New England), Peyton Manning (Indianapolis) and Philip Rivers (San Diego) will be throwing the ball for the AFC. The three quarterbacks combined for 13, 310 yards and 99 touchdowns this season. These three quarterbacks are three of the most prolific quarterbacks in the game right now. They will be throwing to receivers such as Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis) and Andre Johnson (Houston). This group is a potent offensive bunch.

The NFC starting secondary consists of cornerbacks Asante Samuel (Philadelphia) and DeAngelo Hall (Washington). Just those two players alone are responsible for 13 regular season interceptions. DeAngelo Hall as a pick six to his credit as well. Watching this NFC secondary trying to outsmart the AFC receivers and quarterbacks should be very interesting.

AFC Running Backs Versus NFC Running Backs

The AFC running backs are Maurice Jones-Drew (starter – Jacksonville), Arian Foster (reserve – Houston) and Jamaal Charles (reserve – Kansas City). Once again, these three AFC players are some of the most prolific in the game. The trio combined for 4,407 rushing yards in 2010. Foster and Charles are one and two on the overall rushing leader’s list for the 2010 regular season with Jones-Drew coming in at number five. Needless to say, this trio of wide receivers would be a challenge for any group of linebackers.

The inside starting linebacker for the NFC is Patrick Willis (San Francisco 49ers). Willis finished the season with 101 solo tackles and 27 assisted tackles. He forced two fumbles in 2010 that were recovered by San Francisco. Lance Briggs (Chicago) and DeMarcus Ware (Dallas) are the outside linebackers. While the Pro Bowl is not known for its hard hitting action, these three linebackers are well known for the aggressive way they play the game. It will be fun to watch the AFC running backs trying to navigate their way through this linebacking corps of the NFC.

Shane Lechler Versus Devin Hester

Shane Lechler is the all-pro punter for the Oakland Raiders that will be starting for the AFC in this Pro Bowl. Devin Hester (Chicago) is one of the best punt returners in the history of the NFL, and he will be starting for the NFC as the kick returner. Will Lechler kick it to Hester and allow Hester to put on a show in the pro bowl? Will Lechler refuse to be embarrassed by Hester in the Pro Bowl? It will be interesting to see if the rule of not kicking the ball to Devin Hester applies to the Pro Bowl as well.


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