Are The Detroit Lions For Real?


NFL Betting PicksEntering week five of the NFL sports betting season, fans and analysts are faced with one huge question, are the Detroit Lions for real? It was only three seasons ago, that the Lions became the first team in the history of the league to lose all 16 games. Now three years later, that same team appears to have the price per head services to become one of the elite teams in the NFL. Sitting comfortably at four and zero after the first month of the season, the Detroit Lions will face their toughest challenge yet, when they take on divisional rival the Chicago Bears. Today we wonder, are the Lions for real or are they just lucky?

The 2011 Detroit Lions are the culmination of a slew of tests that were used to accumulate the bookie software needed to turn the team into a legitimate threat. This Lions team historically is one of the best the fan base has ever seen, as even as recently as last year, the team could not win on the road. In fact, from 2001 – 2003 the Lions lost 24 straight games on the road. Last season, their road win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers snapped a zero for 26 streak on the road. Since that time, the team has won five straight on the road and become one of the most feared road warriors in the NFL.

To follow up the late season success in 2010, the Lions have set a new record in the league, as they are the first team to ever come back from 20-point deficits in two straight games. They first accomplished the feat against Minnesota two weeks ago when they stormed back from being down 20 points at half time to win the game outright 23 – 20 in overtime. Then Detroit followed up their late game heroics in Minnesota, by storming back to win a thrilling game 34 – 30 against the Dallas Cowboys this past weekend.

From losing all 16 games last year to going undefeated in their first four games of the 2011 season, the Detroit Lions are becoming one of the safest NFL betting picks on the line. What’s more, the Lions are led by a trio of franchise stars, as quarterback Matthew Stafford, wide receiver Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson and defensive back Ndamukong Suh have recaptured the hearts of Lions fans and bettors everywhere.

The Lions used to be the best team to fade on the NFL point spread line. However, dating back to the second half of the 2010 season, the Lions have managed to go 11-0-one in 12 games against the spread.

Detroit is in feel good story mode, as the Tigers are in the playoffs, and the Lions have gone from the kid being bullied to the one doing the bullying. In fact, the Detroit Lions opened the season at 75 to one odds to win the Super Bowl. Yet, now despite being six to one favorites, if the Lions do win the Super Bowl, the average payout will be $50,000.

What We Learnt During Week 4 Of The NFL Season


NFL Betting PicksSince the NFL reopened for business again a month ago, sports betting handicappers have been faced with the same question week in and week out, can this get any better? In the first week fans were able to witness unbelievable blow outs, week two brought us impressive come from behind wins, and weeks three and now four have seen crazy plays determine the outcomes of games. With week four in the books, here is what we have learnt using price per head services.

Youth Movement Making Waves In New NFL - Rookie quarterbacks have turned heads in the first month of the season, whether it is Cam Newton in Carolina or Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. Since debuting in week one of the bookie software season, Cam Newton has received praise that most veteran quarterbacks never get to hear. For instance, with his 374 passing yards against Chicago on Sunday, Newton has already reached 1000 yards passing in his rookie season. The calm cool and collected composure he has shown every week would have you believing the Panthers are a three and one team instead of a one and three team.

On the other hand, Andy Dalton in Cincinnati and Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville have received mixed fishing games reviews from fans and analyst alike. For Dalton, he has done his best impression to replicate the story Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as in one series he can appear as calm and focused as Dr. Jekyll, while in another his play making has you wondering if he is as crazy as Mr. Hyde. Conversely, Blaine Gabbert showed Jaguars fans that he can be high risk and high reward, as he looked too showed mixed results on Sunday.

Nevertheless, with the rumored starts of Tim Tebow in Denver and Christian Ponder in Minnesota for week five, fans will see more rookie starting quarterbacks in 2011 then any year before.

Is It Time To Panic In Dallas And Pennsylvania? – The Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Philadelphia Eagles have been anything but safe NFL betting picks throughout the first month of the season. Annually three favorites to make it to the Super Bowl, each team has had a disastrous first month of the season.

In Dallas, Tony Romo continues to make his case for biggest choke artist in the history of football, as his three interceptions in a loss to the Detroit Lions, indicates that Romo might be better served on the bench. Last season, when Romo went down with a season ending injury, America’s team played its best football.

Over in Pennsylvania, the two and two record for Pittsburgh and one and three record for the Philadelphia Eagles, paint false pictures for the two clubs. For Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers, the 500 record suggests they have been in every game. However in reality, they have been lucky in three games, and should be one and three. Philadelphia on paper should be better, but their play indicates they should be on a four game losing streak.


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