New Jersey taking Online Gambling very Serious


Legalized sportsbetting in New Jersey just might be a reality after all. Governor Christie is taking this goal he has proposed in a very serious way. The Governor will not hesitate to defend his point of view and he very well showed that to the public in the controversial news conference that took place yesterday. Without hesitation he was outspoken on his plans and did not even worry about the fact that he was sitting next to potential legal opposition.

In this conference, Governor Christie said, “If someone wants to stop us, and then let them try to stop us. We want to work with the casinos and horse racing industry to get it implemented. Am I expecting there may be legal action taken against us to try to prevent it? Yes. But I have every confidence we're going to be successful. “Christie went ahead discussing his plan even if the current federal law will only allow sportsbetting in four states. Without considering Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana; the Amateur Sports Protection prohibits this sort of entertainment in the United States. Land based casinos can be found in New Jersey but at this moment is does not offer sportbetting online.

Along with looking to have sports betting as an option in its casinos, New Jersey also wants to turn into the first state that will offer online sports wagering, online casino action and poker gambling online. At this moment it looks like Nevada might come first in line to do this. In recent polls conducted in New Jersey, it was determined that 74% of the population will support this legalization.

Back in 2011 governor Christie did have some concerns on internet gambling and even claimed that there were a lot of regulatory concerns. He even got as far as putting a veto on an internet gambling bill in March of 2011. However, realizing that the state of New Jersey could have gotten $210 million in revenue, his position is now a more intelligent one towards the matter. His declarations on yesterday’s conference showed how much he believes in this cause and made it seem that he will truly make it a reality.


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