Schleswig-Holstein licenses BetAtHome, Bet365, Tipico and Bwin


There is some good news reporting that Schleswig-Holstein has licensed Bwin, Bet365, Tipico and BetAtHome. The license given to these sportsbooks will be good for six years. It was in the beginning of May when SportsBookReview had mentioned that three companies, Jaxx, Betfair and Nordwest Lotto were the first three to be granted with this license.

There are over a dozen licenses pending at the Ministry of Interior. Players and fans of sportsbetting are showing full support of the iGaming licenses in Schlewswig-Holstein as they believe in personal liberties. However there is always fear that the Christian Democrats state election loss could enforce the ones who oppose to online betting.

This gaming license works by taxing companies 20% of gross gaming profit. The company that holds the lowest rating and that is to be licensed in Schlewswig-Holstein is BetAtHome with a SportsBookReview rating of C-. There have been several complains all through last year against this company. BetAtHome has not been willing to open up the communication channel in regards to many of these disputes claiming that by doing so they are protecting their data. For this reason Sportsbook Review has advised players with outstanding complaint or with complaints to come to take it all the way to the Lotteries Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA).


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