Strangest NFL Betting Season of All Time


NFL PicksThe 2011 NFL betting lines season is underway, and fans and bookies alike have begun to scratch their heads at the results. From the Indianapolis Colts and Kansas City Chiefs experiencing dastardly records thanks to a slew of injuries, to the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins combining to go six and zero for the first time in nearly 30 years, fans have seen it all. Today for your fishing games pleasure, we will be looking at a few trends and lines that have us saying ‘what the heck is going on with the NFL this year?”

For the first time in nearly 30 years (coincidentally a lockout season) the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins, are giving their fans reasons to be optimistic. The Buffalo Bills pulled off one of the biggest blowouts in team history in week one, when quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick dismantled what was believed to be a great Kansas City defense. Buffalo would then follow it up, by winning the game of the year against the Oakland Raiders in week two.

On the other hand, after winning the first two games of the sports betting NFL season, the Detroit Lions have their fans and some analysts believing, that they are finally ready to contend. The Lions epitomize an underdog that everyone rallies around. Similar to movie character Rudy, the Lions are the team you cheer for, whether they are struggling or having success. At two and zero to start the season, and putting up back to back 40 point performances, the Lions have college football betting enthusiasts wondering if a Super Bowl is in the cards.

For many sportsbooks, the belief was that in the upcoming game between the Lions and Minnesota Vikings, the Vikings would be the favorites. However, for the second week in a row, the Lions find themselves in unfamiliar territory, as they are a three and a half point favorite.

While the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions are causing bettors to question whether they should be fading or backing these historically bad teams, other teams are making bettors jobs much easier. For example, the Seattle Seahawks are flat out terrible, and have become a safe NFL pick to fade early and often. To put how bad the Seahawks are into perspective, you only need to look at the first two games of the 2011 season, as the Seahawks haven’t been inside their opponents red zone more then a combined two times.

Another team returning to terrible form are the St. Louis Rams. Coming off what can be argued as the team’s best season in the last five years an eight and eight finish in 2010, the Rams have stumbled out of the gate losing both of their games. Mind you, the Rams were in tough in both games, as they faced the dream team Philadelphia Eagles in week one, and followed up with the New York Giants in week two. Regardless of their opponents, the Rams under new offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels have been terrible in the red zone, as they lead the league in dropped passes.


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