Hockey Betting for Tuesday April 5, 2011: Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers


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As the betting on March Madness winds down, the sports betting bonus hockey fans in Vancouver are excited about the post-season and a bit nervous as well. Once again, the Canucks enter into the playoffs as one of the best teams in the regular season. In this case, the Canucks go into the playoffs as the best team in the NHL in the regular season. The betting services are well aware of the poor track record that President’s Trophy winning teams have in the playoffs.

The other thing that is causing some concern for Vancouver fans is the way the team is playing out their last few games. Last season, the Canucks “mailed in” their last few games and wound up playing flat in the playoffs. This season, the Canucks are doing the exact same thing they did last season. They are sitting Roberto Luongo late in the season, and losing games to terrible hockey teams. Case in point is the most recent home loss for the Canucks which was a 4-1 thrashing at the hands of the Edmonton Oilers.

Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers are an incredibly young hockey team with a bright future and nothing to lose. The Oilers went into the road game against the Canucks looking to use the game as an indicator to see which players would make the Oilers next season, and which players will wind up in the minors. The Canucks sat back and let the Oilers look like NHL all-stars. Edmonton is 1-6-3 in the last 10 games, but they are a very dangerous team for the Canucks to be taking lightly.

Vancouver Canucks

Any Vancouver Canucks fan that is having that “here we go again” feeling is justified in his concern. The Canucks have clinched the President’s Trophy and seem to have nothing to play for. But the fans have seen this movie before, and it did not end well last time. The Canucks are 8-2-0 in the last 10 games, and they only have three games remaining on the regular season. But throwing games away to teams like Edmonton is not the ideal way to bring your team into the playoffs. The Canucks third and fourth lines are getting a lot of ice time in these last few games to save the first and second line from getting hurt. How long will it take the first and second lines to get their scoring rhythm back when the playoff starts? Shouldn’t Roberto Luongo, a habitual playoff failure, be playing as much as possible leading into the playoffs? These are all questions floating around GM Place in Vancouver, and the buzz is getting loud.

The Bottom Line

The Canucks will be their own undoing again this playoff season. There is no switch you can turn on and off with hockey teams. Taking games like this one lightly will set the Canucks back when the playoffs start. Those young kids on the Edmonton team plan on taking full advantage of a sleeping Vancouver club.

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