The Eagles are willing to Negotiate its position 23 in the next Draft


NFL OddsThe teams that are looking for a quarterback can have the Philadelphia Eagles on their phone before the NFL Draft.

The inability to put together a trade for Kevin Kolb due to work stoppage does not mean the Eagles are not an attractive partner for a expert picks team that needs a quarterback. All this is because Philadelphia has the place 23 in the first round, a place where many quarterbacks are projected to be selected.

"Especially in the place you have in the first round, I think it is when you expect some quarterback to be elected," said General Manager of the Eagles, Howie Roseman. "Obviously we're in a great location in the Draft to get something if someone wants to use that position to get a quarterback."

The Eagles are known for their willingness to make changes to the time of the Draft. They have made ​​29 changes during the past eight years, including 16 in the past three Drafts and six last year.

"We're open to exploring any NFL Picks option that we think makes us better, and if that means moving forward or backward, we are definitely open to it," said Roseman.


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