NFL Game Odds Preview for November 14, 2010: Minnesota Vikings (-1) vs. Chicago Bears


NFL Betting LinesOverview:

NFL observers were betting on some level of drama surrounding the Minnesota Vikings (3-5) this season. The Vikings did use a private jet to fly to Brett Favre’s house and convince him to play one more season. But the NFL betting experts were probably not counting on more coaching drama from head coach Brad Childress and the quick visit of wide receiver Randy Moss.

The football betting enthusiasts also did not know what to make of the Chicago Bears (5-3) in the preseason. The NFL predictions surrounding the Bears were favorable. The Bears had linebacker Brian Urlacher back from injury, they picked up defensive lineman Julius Peppers and they also brought in running back Chester Taylor to help the offense. But the Chicago offense is still sputtering, and many are starting to wonder if the problem does not start with quarterback Jay Cutler.


Why the Chicago Bears have the 27th ranked passing game in the NFL is a mystery. It could be the same problem that the 29th ranked passing game is having; the quarterback and the offensive line are inconsistent. Quarterback Jay Cutler only has nine touchdowns this season to go along with seven interceptions. But Cutler is getting sacked an average of three times a game. That indicates that the Bears offensive line is having all kinds of problems protecting for the pass, and opening up holes in the running game.

The Minnesota Vikings thought they had the perfect replacement for oft-injured wide receiver Percy Harvin when they brought in veteran receiver Randy Moss. But after insulting the Vikings caterer, and initiating a Patriots love-fest after the Vikings lost to the Patriots in week eight, the Vikings decided that they did not need the services of Randy Moss any longer and let him go. Luckily for the Vikings, Brett Favre is starting to really warm up and push Minnesota into the win column. It looks like some of that Favre magic still exists.


The Vikings have the fifth-ranked defense in the NFL allowing an average of only 305 total yards per game, but they have had problems putting pressure on the quarterback. In their week nine win over the Arizona Cardinals, the Vikings defense finally found its way to the quarterback and registered six sacks. Up to that game, the Vikings had only six sacks all season long. The Minnesota secondary looked a little confused against the Cardinals, but they brought it together in the fourth quarter to help force overtime.

The Bears defense is as intimidating as it has always been. The Bears are ranked third against the rush allowing an average of only 84 yards per game on the ground. Even with the addition of Peppers and a healthy Urlacher, the pass defense on the Bears is ranked 19th. The Bears have a problem giving up the big pass play at least once or twice a game, and if they give that play up early to Favre then it could open the flood gates.

The Bottom Line:

The Bears struggled to hold on and beat the Buffalo Bills in week nine while the Vikings came back from two touchdowns back to force overtime and beat the Cardinals. Momentum can sometimes account for a lot in the NFL, and the Vikings are carrying a lot of momentum into this game.

BSN Sports Pick: Minnesota Vikings


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