NFL Week 11 Betting Parlay


NFL Week 11 Betting Parlay NFL betting is getting tougher instead of easier as the season progresses. Big favorites like the undefeated Saints didn’t cover the spread last week. The rolling Cowboys lost to Green Bay. The NFL is throwing us curveballs every week, so advance preparation for our football picks is all the more important. Let’s get a parlay going.

Panthers -3 over Dolphins

The Dolphins’ bread and butter is their running game but Ronnie Brown almost certainly won’t play Thursday night after injuring his ankle. Can Ricky Williams shoulder a full workload? Tough to say. Even if he does, the Dolphins have other problems. They won’t pass on Carolina’s fourth-ranked pass defense and their leaky secondary could allow a big play to Steve Smith. Even though the Dolphins’ stout run defense could contain the Panthers’ NFC-leading rushing attack, Carolina looks good to cover at home. With wins over Arizona and Atlanta in recent weeks, the Panthers are forcing us to take them seriously.

Steelers -10 over Chiefs

It seems no lock is legit these days but the Steelers do seem like solid sportsbook picks to win this week after a frustrating home loss to Cincinnati in Week 10. The Chiefs don’t do anything well on defense so you have to think Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall will put some major points on the board for the Steelers. The Steelers’ dominant run defense should swallow Jamaal Charles whole.

Packers -6.5 over 49ers

Is there a more frustrating team in sports betting than the Green Bay Packers? They lose to Tampa, breaking our hearts, then upset the Cowboys? Come on. Based on the matchup, we’re cautiously optimistic about the Pack hosting San Francisco this week. If their “D” can contain the Cowboys’ offense, it should handle Alex Smith, Frank Gore and the 49ers. San Francisco’s pass defense is still suspect. It picked Jay Cutler off five times last week but still allowed over 300 yards, suggesting that Cutler may have been giving them the ball with dumb throws as opposed to them taking it. As long as Rodgers gets some semblance of pocket protection, he should lead Green Bay to a second straight win.


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