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Soccer Betting Odds at Gambling Advisor blogGambling Advisor blog News: Thousands of people packed the streets on Thursday from Barcelona to celebrate the return of the team that won the final of the Champions League.

A sea azulgrana surrounded the bus in which players traveled a route from Barcelona eight kilometers from the statue of Columbus in the port area of Las Ramblas to the Camp Nou stadium.

The players, who arrived in Rome at 1800 (1600 GMT) carrying flags, hats and take pictures and record videos.

In the stadium, tens of thousands of fans expected to campus for a party with music and fireworks.

The jovial atmosphere was a contrast to the violence that tarnished the celebrations after the match ended on Wednesday night, when more than 100 people were arrested and 153 were injured in the region of Catalonia.

The police fired rubber bullets to disperse groups of supporters after violent clashes in the main town square and Las Ramblas.

Fans overturned barricades and hurled bottles and stones at police and set fire to rubbish bins, smashed windows and damaged lights.

The police said there were 119 arrests in Barcelona by public disorder, vandalism and disobeying orders and authorities, while 15 others were arrested in the villages of Catalonia Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona, Granollers and Igualada.

Among the wounded are 89 police officers, and two were hospitalized. In total, 23 people were taken to hospitals, including a cameraman for the Spanish state television.

The city of Barcelona said that about 500 people participated in the riots, which caused about $ 138,900 damage.

Some 100,000 supporters gathered in Barcelona's city center after the team defeated 2-0 at Manchester United on Wednesday in the final in Rome.

The Barsa became the first Spanish club to get the triplets of the Spanish League, Copa del Rey and Champions League.


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